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     Operation & Maintenance is one of the main ways of the operation of PPP project. It is a government and social capital cooperation project operation mode. The government will entrust public assets operation and maintenance responsibilities to the social capital or Social Firms, project company or item company is not responsible for the user service. Government reserves the ownership of assets; only pay the Commission operating expenses to social capital or project company the contract period shall not exceed 8 years in general.

     Compared to project general contract, the model can fully carry forward the professional expertise of different Social Firms, ensure the quality of the operation of the project, ensure that the indicators of compliance emissions, and maximize the benefits on the basis of effective cost savings.

     Unlike EPC, the model makes the Social Firms or project company more focused on operational management, which can effectively improve the company's relevant regulations, management processes. Eventually led to the contractor in the field of operations more professional, more focused.